Janine the Bean Kitty Fundraiser at Enchanted Rose Garden | Beyond the Nest (Rochester)

Janine the Bean Kitty Fundraiser at Enchanted Rose Garden

Come help support Janine and all she does for the cats of Rochester. Her cat rescue is different from most. Janine TNR's (trap, neuter & return) cats in one of the city’s poorest & crime riddled areas, She is a one woman band. Feeding and Rescuing for over 20 years funded out of her own pocket.

These cats depend on her as their only source of food for the day. She supplies them with shelters and also trap sick/injured cats and get them the care that they need. If they are adoptable she will find homes for them and if they are sick she gets them the help they need. "I am the only one that cares for them and show them any love. Life on the streets is a death sentence for them especially in this neighborhood. Many of these cats can become house pets if I only had the financial resources and fosters to help them. I can sure use help!!!"


1850 Penfield Rd
Penfield, NY, 14526
United States


Contact name: 
Eileen Wrona
4 pm- 7 pm