Things Not To Discuss During Dinner DeTOUR℠ | Beyond the Nest (Rochester)

Things Not To Discuss During Dinner DeTOUR℠

They say to never talk about politics or religion, but this a DeTOUR℠ so, naturally, we’re breaking all the rules. On Thursday, August 15th we will be reflecting on the past and the artwork that inspired and was inspired by social justice. We will be looking at art as a tool for action, education, and change, and we will be sharing wild facts about pieces in our collection. Get ready to march* through MAG! *peacefully

We are conducting a monthly DeTOUR℠ on the third Thursday of each month. DeTOURs℠ are an exclusive themed tour that is both engaging and entertaining. These tours focus on some of the amazing personal lives of artists, the inspiration and method to their creativity, and lesser-known facts about some of the works in our collection. Each tour includes activities, personal connections, and mind-blowing facts! And, upping our MAG DeTOUR℠ game, we are now including some Rochester Rockstar guest Tour Guides.


Memorial Art Gallery


Memorial Art Gallery 500 University Avenue
Rochester, NY, 14607
United States


(585) 276-8900
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Memorial Art Gallery
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6 – 7 pm
$12 ticket includes museum admission


Adults without kids